Welcome to the official Lotta Wenglén website!

Lotta is a swedish artist with her roots in Skåne, the southern parts of Sweden. She runs her own studio and record label Margit Music. She has released a bunch of records through the years in her different projects. On this website you can learn more about her work and see what she´s up to next!

Lotta and her band on tour 2024

This spring/summer you can listen to Lotta live with her band (Måns Wieslander – bass and Carolina Carlbom – rythm) at the following venues:

13 April Landskrona Teater
18 April medley malmö
25 May Garageprojektet Hammenhög
09 June Galleri Alma Grönby
14 June Folkteatern Göteborg
15 June Altanfestival Jonsered
19 June  Plan B Tranås
29 June  Altanfestival Böste
06 July Tomarps Kungsgård
09 Aug TBA
07 Sep TBA


Video Release & Live at Moriska Paviljongen Malmö Dec 1
"When my mother told me that she and my father, who has Alzheimers try to dance everyday to keep him going, I found it to be such a beautiful image. I wrote the song Riding High and also filmed a music video with the two of them dancing on their porch, but also at the old dance palace where they used to go when they were young." 

On Friday  Dec 1st we celebrate the new song and video at Moriskans Bistro at 6 PM. No entrance fee and all are welcome! We will watch the video and hear Lotta and her band play live.

Lottas parents in the music video filmed by Niklas Hansson. 

New single/video "Riding High" out Dec 1
Lottas talks about the new song: "When my mother told me that she and my father, who has Alzheimers, are dancing one dance a day to keep him up and running, I was so moved. So I wrote a song about it, Riding High!

Then I invited my friend and movie maker Niklas Hansson to shoot the video with the two of them dancing in their living room as well as at the old dance hall where they used to go when they where young."

The lovely artwork is made by Måns Wieslander. 

The EP Stardust & Debris will be out Aug 4!
On the new existential country pop EP there are two songs that were written several years ago. "Health" is about shared care and here she sings with her old bandmate Andreas Ejnarsson (formerly Ben, now Avantgardet). In the tasteful "Time just slipped away", Lotta sings about the transience and leaving life when the children are still there. Here she kept the demo version's vocals and guitar and built the arrangement  around them. On the last song "Trust Issues" she does a cover of her own song "Tillitsproblematik" which was included on her Swedish-language EP "Alla andra ska dö" from 2020. Overall, it is a collection of strong compositions carefully produced and full of warmth and love.

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New single "Everybody Knows" out July 16!
The second single from the upcoming EP Stardust & Debris is released July 16. The lyrics reflects upon mental health issues among teens, especially young girls. Issues like social fobia, anxiety and gender dysphoria has according to studies increased during these last few years and the big question is why and how can we as adults help?

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The new country single "Blackest Hole on Earth" gets attention!
The song "Blackest Hole On Earth" had an exclusive premiere on June 9 at HYMN.se. Soon after that Sveriges Radio P4 started playing the single. Alot of music bloggers wrote good things about it and on top of it all, alot of Spotify playlists added the song!

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Paul McCartney turns 80 – Lotta plays at the tribute concert in Malmoe
On Jun
e 18th there will be a mini-festival at Plan B in Malmoe to honor Paul McCartneys work in music.  Lotta will perform one of Paul's songs alongside a bunch of great artists.


COUNTRY REVISITED – New single " Blackest Hole On Earth" out June 10!
Lotta releases a new singel on the 10th of June at her now label Margit Music. This time, Wenglén has invited Anders Thorén from Malmö-based Wildie to sing with her. He undoubtedly has one of Sweden's most beautiful sounding voices. The single "Blackest Hole on Earth" contains a sad, but hopeful lyric that is based on a recurring inner image that Lotta got after a friend's passing. A black hearse with flames on the sides passing by. She interpreted it as a symbol of the power, warmth and burning commitment that her friend had when she was still alive. 

"Search no more for the blackest hole, look for the cracks of light in your soul. You might be the nearest rock for someone to lean on ”.


Lotta Wengléns' instrumental project WATERBODY was mixed in May 2021 and mastered in June at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Göteborg. The album was granted financial support from Kulturrådet as well as a new swedish album by Lotta Wenglén. So great news! 

The first WATERBODY single to be released Dec 9 is the song "Broken Open" featuring Lisen Rylander Löve on Sax and live sounds. Listen on Spotify

So 2022 will be an adventurous year for Lotta as she also composes music for Folkteaterns "Moderna Tider" in Gothenburg. Keep your eyes opened for a new country single coming up, a duet with wonderful singer Anders Thorén from Malmoe based band Wildie! So check in soon again for more details!


"Moderna Tider" at Folkteatern in Gothenburg
Lotta and Cecilia Nordlund will compose the music for Chaplin classic "Moderna Tider" at Folkteatern in Gbg. Director and interpretation by Erik Holmström from Malmö Dockteater. It premieres on the 26th of February 2022.


New swedish double single "En Handlingsplan" out now!
(in Swedish)
Lotta följer upp sin svensspråkiga EP "Alla Andra Ska Dö" med en dubbelsingel med låtarna "Kom Som Du Är" och "En Handlingsplan". Den förstnämnda är en kärleksfull tröstevisa i en tid av undantagstillstånd. "En Handlingsplan" skrev Lotta precis innan coronapandemins utbrott och den rör sig kring överlevnadsstrategier och frågan: "Vem vill leva i en vardagsapokalyps"? 

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