Lotta Wenglén
was born in Malmoe, Southern Sweden and started writing songs at the age of nine. She bought her first classical guitar at the local music store across the street. The same nylon stringed guitar she uses to this day.

She started off playing punk, following in her big brothers footsteps, then continued on to the so called No Depression genre. In 1996 she and two friends formed the punk country trio ba-ba-loo and recorded the album Frosting-the American way through the upcoming danish record label Mega Record.

In 2000 Lotta went solo, focusing more on the craft of songwriting and letting the lyrics take the lead. Her debut album Golden Green was 40 minutes of country indie with the vocals way up front. Acclaimed songwriter Chip Taylor joined her in the duet The hard Part's To Stay and the album was released by Adrian Recordings in 2001.

Later in 2001 she started her own label Margit Music under which she released her friends music alongside her own. Since then Lotta has recorded several albums and EP’s. Most recently she released the existential country pop EP Stardust & Debris

Today Margit Music is also a production company where Lotta produces music for theater, radio and film as well as her own music in different constellations (duo Blind Lake and instrumental project WATERBODY).

Lotta about her music: ”I can never stick to one plan or to one kind of music genre. There’s just too much fun exploring unfamiliar ground. Even so; I guess I have a ”sound” no matter what I do. For good or bad. I just hope that every album I make doesn’t sound anything like the one I just did. Art is moving and I need to follow. 

I think this is why I enjoy writing music to theater so much. The task of trying to interpret the vision of the director, filtrate my findings through my system of experiences and emotions and see what comes out. Hopefully we can build something beautiful together.”