2020-03-06, 10:26

Lotta´s single "Bristen" is out"

Bristen is the second single out from the EP "Alla andra ska dö". The song talks about the longing for a loved one that is´nt there all the time. "Hon slängde nått, det får ligga kvar. Det är spåren av oss....   Mer

2020-02-08, 09:44

Lottas single "Alla andra ska dö" is out!

Lotta and Lasse Johansson Ståles production of Lottas new songs in swedish is here! First out is the single/video "Alla andra ska dö" followed by an EP due March 2020. You can watch the video under Music and...   Mer

2020-02-08, 09:40

Ett Drömspel – a success!

Lotta, Cecilia Nordlund and Henrik Meierkord recently composed music for the play "Ett Drömspel" at Helsingborgs Stadsteater. Originally a Strindberg play, but now in the adaptation of Erik Holmström at Malmö...   Mer

2019-10-29, 09:54

Lotta & Lasse with a five track EP

Lotta and Lasse Johansson Ståle has produced Lottas new songs. It has been a wonderfull cooperation! The first a single/video "Alla andra ska dö" will be released this winter. The EP will be ready in the...   Mer

2019-01-08, 09:30

Lotta & Cecilia composes music for a new play

Lotta and Cecilia Nordlund will compose new music for childrens play "Tårtbagaren" that will be put up in August 2019 at Teater Halland and then go on tour.   Mer

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