2020 Upcoming EP Alla andra ska dö (cd)
2020 Bristen (single)
2020 Alla andra ska dö (single)
2013 Hard Times (2 track single)
2011 Thanks for your generous donations
2007 In the Core
2005 Ask Harry
2002 Paintbrush
2002 Sctratch (ep)
2001 Golden Green

Blind Lake (duo with Måns Wieslander)
2020 Upcoming album "Streetlife" (vinyl)
2018 Some kind of dance (single)
2016 Cookie (single/remix by GRENWERK)
2016 Little fat baby (Sparklehorse-cover from tribute album "Hello Mark Lingous")
2016 Tears on your collar (single/remix by Moonbabies)
2015 Blind Lake trapped on earth (instrumental single)
2015 On Earth (album)
2015 Lately (single)
2015 Walk beside me (single)

Other bands
2018 Åska & Blod (album with Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen från Helvetet
2017 Fullmånen från Helvetet (ep with Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen från Helvetet)
2013 Never never (Vince Clarke cover with GRENWERK)
2012 Aiming for the flesh (album with Sunshine Rabbits)
2011 Dollykollot (album with Dollykollot)
1998 Frosting- the american way (album with ba-ba-loo)

External work (see Productions)
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